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Call for Associated CORE Labs

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Apply to join the RESILIAGE CORE Associated Labs!


The RESILIAGE project is a three-year Horizon Europe initiative intended to enhance community resilience and disaster risk reduction. The project is designed to strengthen community resilience and disaster risk management by harnessing local knowledge, traditions, and the unique “sense of place” to improve strategies for disaster preparedness and response. These community practices, regarded as ‘local heritage’, are seen as the foundation of community resilience and are crucial for understanding how citizens respond to emergencies. 

Based on previous research, RESILIAGE has identified five key ‘heritage’ practices or innovation frameworks: Adaptive Governance, Health and Well-being, Active Memory, Social Interaction and Inclusiveness, and Socio-economic Resilience. These frameworks will guide and validate systemic strategies and actions with local stakeholders for effective disaster risk management and climate change adaptation.

   Through these, RESILIAGE aims to: 

  • Enhance community resilience and crisis response: Better understand societal reactions by transforming qualitative data into quantitative information, and identifying multidimensional, multi-scalar behavioral indicators of risk perception and resilience. 
  • Co-shape and co-develop holistic knowledge: Collaborate with local communities in 5 endangered sites (CORE Labs) to create data-driven, holistic knowledge supported by digital tools and soft solutions. This will produce actionable knowledge on societal resilience and demonstrate the benefits and impact of project solutions. 
  • Foster community resilience and sustainable development: Utilize systemic innovation and enhance preparedness plans, citizen engagement, and communication to build community resilience through societal well-being strategies, contributing to sustainable development. 

Why apply to become a CORE Associated Lab?

Becoming a CORE Associated Lab offers your community a unique opportunity to enhance resilience and disaster risk management through peer learning from the RESILIAGE project, its CORE Labs, and knowledge experts. You will gain access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources to develop strategies rooted in your own cultural and natural heritage, tailored to your local environment. This will also increase your community’s visibility within the RESILIAGE network and beyond. 

Benefits of becoming a CORE Associated Lab include:

  • Access to a Wealth of Knowledge: Tap into the extensive knowledge base generated by the RESILIAGE project, which includes invaluable insights, best practices, and state-of-the-art digital and soft solutions. 
  • Expert Mentorship: Engage directly with CORE Lab mentors, receiving expert guidance and practical wisdom tailored to your community’s needs. 
  • RESILIAGE Resource Ecosystem: Utilize several digital tools for leveraging individual and community resilience, and the Replication Toolbox to adapt successful resilience and disaster management strategies to your local context.
  • Active Participation in the RESILIAGE community: Join the CORE Digital Network tool to participate in open forums, discussions, and various educational and capacity-building activities.  
  • Enhanced Visibility and Networking: Benefit from association with the RESILIAGE network, which offers networking opportunities within the RESILIAGE community and access to exclusive annual networking events. 
  • Prominent Exposure: Gain recognition through the project websites, RESILIAGE Resource Ecosystem and RESILIAGE dissemination initiatives, amplifying your community’s outreach. 
  • Continuous Learning and Collaboration: Attend RESILIAGE workshops and knowledge-sharing events, fostering ongoing learning and collaboration within a vibrant network of communities and experts.
  • Participation in RESILIAGE Final Conference: Take part in the RESILIAGE Final Conference in Paris in 2026, with travel costs covered by the RESILIAGE project, given completion of Associated CORE Labs training modules.

While RESILIAGE does not provide direct funding, becoming a CORE Associated Lab will offer your community an inspirational opportunity to enhance resilience and disaster risk management through peer learning and access to a wealth of tools and resources tailored to your local cultural and natural heritage.

What are CORE Labs?

CORE Labs, or Community Resilience Laboratories, are local hubs dedicated to engaging communities by creating a local network for the co-creation, testing, and implementation of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategies. These labs foster collaboration among various stakeholders to develop solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each community. CORE Labs plays a key role in community engagement, co-creation, solution testing and validation, risk awareness, capacity building, and fostering collaboration among diverse groups. 

Each of the five local ‘heritage’ practices, or innovation frameworks, is investigated by one of the CORE Labs: 

  • Health and Well-being
    • The CORE Lab in Trondheim, Norway, focuses on enhancing individual physical and psychological well-being, emphasizing protection during all phases of disaster risk management, with attention to post-trauma stress and ongoing risks. 
  • Socio-economic Resilience
    • The CORE Lab of the Famenne-Ardenne Global Geopark in Belgium aims to enhance resilience by mitigating hazards, bolstering local economic recovery, stimulating territorial activity, and leveraging biodiversity, local knowledge, and cultural heritage. 
  • Social Interaction and Inclusiveness
    • The CORE Lab Naturtejo Geopark in Portugal fosters societal connections and inclusivity in disaster risk management phases through public activities and cultural exchanges.
  • Adaptive Governance
    • The Karsiyaka CORE Lab in Türkiye promotes resilience through innovative and adaptive governance, involving diverse stakeholders in all disaster risk management phases via collaborative processes. 
  • Active Memory
    • The CORE Lab in Crete makes use of active memory as a tool to strengthen community identity and resilience, viewing past experiences and culture as resources to overcome disasters and increase awareness.

Institutions invited to apply as a CORE Associated Lab

The RESILIAGE project invites applications from institutions committed to enhancing citizen engagement strategies and possessing a robust local network. We encourage participation from a diverse range of stakeholders:  

  • Government Bodies: Local and regional authorities, municipalities, and other governmental entities. 
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Including NGOs, community groups, and civil society organizations. 
  • Emergency Services: First responders and emergency management agencies. 
  • Infrastructure Sector: Infrastructure providers bringing crucial expertise. 
  • Educational Institutions: Institutions known for their knowledge dissemination and learning facilitation. 
  • Business Sector: Private businesses offering unique perspectives and resources. 
  • Cultural Institutions: Entities within the cultural sector with deep insights into cultural heritage. 

Eligibility criterion

We particularly seek partnerships with institutions that: 

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Have established local networks of engaged stakeholders such as cultural institutions, communities, first responders, and municipalities. Applicants should provide a detailed description of their network, including the organizations involved and the level of engagement with each.
  • Already possess preparedness or prevention plans for local hazards and possess a strong understanding of local cultural and natural heritage. 

Submission procedure

To apply for participation in the RESILIAGE project as a CORE Associated Lab, please complete the online application form in English.  

You may also attach additional materials in PDF format or provide links to relevant YouTube or Vimeo videos (with English content or including an English summary). 

Please be informed that we are exclusively accepting digital submissions. The deadline for submitting your proposal is midnight on September 15, 2024

We look forward to receiving your applications!  

Apply to become a CORE Associated Lab

And join the RESILIAGE community. Apply now!