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Crete - Greece

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Crete is the largest Greek island located in the southern border of the Aegean Sea, at the center of the Hellenic Seismic Arc, generating a high and complex seismic risk

Devastating earthquakes have affected the island in both historical and modern times. The most recent one in 2021 caused significant damage to the infrastructure, human lives, economy, and environment of the area. Within RESILIAGE, the University of Crete, with the Psychology Department and the Natural History Museum, aim to mitigate earthquake risk and foster resilience within the local community and concomitantly provide practices and tools that can be applied internationally.

  • SyRI framework: Active Memory
  • Main Hazards: Earthquake
  • Other Hazards: Wildfires, Floods
First round of onsite activities in Greece, between the 21 and 22 May 2024