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Famenne-Ardenne Global Geopark - Belgium

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The Famenne-Ardenne UNESCO Global Geopark in Belgium, encompassing councils like Beauraing, Durbuy, Hotton, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Rochefort, Tellin and Wellin, is a unique geological hub

Renowned for its extensive karstic phenomena, the Geopark merges heritage conservation with tourism and scientific research. In 2021, the area faced a tornado and severe floods, highlighting the need for resilience. Within RESILIAGE, the Geopark aims to strengthen socio-economic resilience against natural disasters, ensuring both the preservation of its geological wonders and the well-being of its communities.

  • SyRI framework: Socio-economic Resilience
  • Main Hazards: Floods
  • Other Hazards: Rain storms
First round of onsite activities in Belgium, between the 3 and 4 April 2024