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RESILIAGE Highlights Heritage in Crisis Resilience at Projects to Policy Seminar

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Highlighting its crucial work in enhancing community resilience when facing disasters, RESILIAGE participated in the Projects to Policy Seminar, organised by the European Commission. The seminar, hosted by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) and the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), brought together new civil security research projects to foster collaboration and integrate research into policy-making.

RESILIAGE’s presence underscored how integrating heritage into resilience strategies can significantly enhance disaster preparedness and recovery. The event featured comprehensive plenary sessions and targeted breakout groups on various security themes, facilitating in-depth discussions on crime prevention, critical infrastructure protection, and societal resilience in the face of disasters.

The seminar highlighted the importance of transforming research findings into actionable policies, ensuring that innovative solutions are effectively implemented to safeguard communities. RESILIAGE’s contributions demonstrated the practical applications of heritage preservation in enhancing the resilience of vulnerable populations, particularly in elderly care facilities, against the impacts of climate change.

The event counted with the presentation of Rosa Tamborrino, the project coordinator from POLITO, and Irina Pavlova from UNESCO.