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Recap of the Summer School 2024 Edition “SHEroes Resilience Summer School: Empowering Women in Disaster Risk Reduction through Heritage”

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The 2024 edition of the Summer School “SHEroes Resilience Summer School: Empowering Women in Disaster Risk Reduction through Heritage” has concluded with great success! This Summer School, part of the the 6th Edition of the Joint Summer School programme “Cultural Heritage in Context – Digital Technologies for the Humanities”, co-organised by Politecnico di Torino, UNESCO and UCLA-Cotsen Institute of Archaeology was held from the 22nd to the 29th of June at the magnificent Castello del Valentino in Turin. This year’s event brought together a vibrant community of young women and men and experts in heritage studies and science.

The Summer School counted with the participation of numerous enthusiastic attendees over the course of the week. The central theme revolved around empowering young women in science through the lens of heritage studies. Participants had the unique opportunity to engage deeply with various topics presented by keynote speakers and to actively participate in numerous workshop sessions.

Participants were immersed in a variety of enriching activities. The event began with an opening session that welcomed everyone and set the stage for the week. Attendees delved into the integration of heritage and scientific empowerment through insightful keynote sessions.

Sessions during the Summer School

Throughout the week, participants engaged in interactive workshops and panel discussions exploring the interplay between cultural heritage and scientific inquiry. They learned about technological innovations in heritage studies and gained hands-on experience during practical workshops and field excursions.

Inspirational talks by women leaders in science provided motivation and insight, while cultural exchange workshops offered a broader understanding of global heritage perspectives. The event also included project development workshops, where participants could develop their heritage and science-related projects, guided by mentors. 

Workshops & Activities

The Summer School culminated in a closing session where participants presented their projects.

Overall, the Summer School provided a comprehensive and engaging experience, equipping young women with the knowledge and confidence to pursue careers in science and heritage studies. 

The 2024 edition was a testament to the importance of such initiatives in fostering gender equality and empowering the next generation of women in science.

Thank you for your participation and stay tuned for the next edition of the Summer School!