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Our activities in Famenne-Ardenne

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The Famenne-Ardenne Global UNESCO Geopark recently hosted a two-day event on April 3 and 4, bringing together 40 participants from various organizations to enhance local resilience and cooperation. Attendees included representatives from the University of Namur, local municipalities, tourism offices, cultural centers, emergency services, and environmental groups.

The event kicked off with welcoming remarks from the RESILIAGE project, followed by informative sessions on local cooperation strategies. Highlights included presentations on the latest scientific research and innovative tools for crisis management, emphasizing the proactive approach to disaster management. The participants shared valuable local knowledge, contributing to the development of effective resilience strategies.

Following this, the RAISE tool was launched. This innovative tool represents a significant advancement in the field of crisis management, designed to aid communities in effectively responding to various emergencies through improved cooperation and communication.

The latter part of the day focused on exploring local cooperation and communication strategies during crises and disasters. This session was crucial for understanding how communities can enhance resilience and response strategies through collaborative efforts.

On the second day, participants delved deeper into cooperative strategies and local knowledge extraction. Workshops and discussions highlighted the significance of cultural heritage in building resilience, showcasing how historical and cultural understanding can fortify community responses to crises.

Additionally, participants explored ways to leverage cultural heritage for community resilience. Practical exercises and case studies demonstrated the integration of cultural assets into disaster preparedness plans, emphasizing the need to preserve and utilize local traditions and history in crisis situations.

Focus gorups with the Famenne-Ardenne community

The event concluded with comprehensive discussions on the next steps for future initiatives. These conversations reinforced the commitment to ongoing collaboration and the continuous improvement of resilience strategies within the Famenne-Ardenne region. Attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear roadmap for enhancing local resilience through sustained inter-organizational cooperation and community involvement.

Overall, the event marked a significant milestone in the Famenne-Ardenne Geopark’s efforts to create a robust and resilient community, capable of effectively responding to environmental and societal challenges.