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Join Our Study in Famenne Ardenne Global Geopark: Reactions of individuals to exposure to a natural disaster simulated in Virtual Reality

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The UNIMES psychology team, a project pattern of the Horizon Europe project RESILIAGE, invites you to be part of an innovative experiment. This study aims to deepen our understanding of how residents react in the event of a natural disaster within a simulated virtual reality environment.

What’s the Goal?

Our mission is to investigate the physiological stress reactions and behavioural reactions of citizens in situations of exposure to a disaster, and the effect of the physical and social environment on these reactions of people exposed to virtual simulations of natural disasters. The findings will help shape recommendations for the partners in the RESILIAGE project, who will be responsible for proposing solutions and guidelines for improving disaster risk management.

Why Participate?

  • Contribute to vital research that aims to make our communities safer.
  • Gain insight into the psychological aspects of disaster risk management.
  • Influence the development of disaster preparedness protocols.

Who Can Join?

We’re seeking at least 30 residents from the Famenne Ardenne Global Geopark CORE lab who:

  • Are aged 18 or over.
  • Are not specialists in disaster risk management.
  • Do not have hearing or visual impairments such as visual impairment or colourblindness (people whose eyesight can be corrected by contact lenses or glasses are accepted).

What Does Participation Involve?

Participants will be immersed in two virtual reality scenarios simulating natural disasters, for about 35 minutes. During the immersion, non-invasive skin sensors will monitor physiological stress indicators like heart rate, electrodermal conductance, and temperature. An online questionnaire will be completed before and after the virtual reality experience to gather thoughts and reactions. All collected data will be kept anonymous, and measures are in place to prevent any discomfort from the virtual reality experience (nausea, dizziness, sweating, paleness). We do, however, advise against participation by certain more sensitive groups: people with epilepsy, pregnant women, people prone to migraines, and people with balance problems.

When and Where?

The experiment will take place between 2nd and 12th of April , from 9:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday), at the following location:

  • Location: Maison du Tourisme Famenne-Ardenne, Place de l’Etang 15 – 6900 Marche-en-Famenne

How to Sign Up

Eager to be a part of this groundbreaking study? Secure your spot by registering through the following link:

By participating in this study, you’re not just giving your time—you’re investing in a safer future for yourself and your community. Together, we’re building the foundation for enhanced disaster management, bolstering community resilience, and elevating our collective preparedness for natural disasters!